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Release of Tax discussion paper – Re:Think

Cover pictureToday the Commonwealth Government released Re:Think: Tax discussion paper which aims to generate “an open and constructive conversation with the community on how we can create a better tax system”.

It raises a number of questions for consideration which are summarised on pages 193-196.  Take the time to consider them.

“The Government wants to involve the Australian community in a national conversation on tax reform”.

NOT IMPORTANT TO YOU?  This affects everything you do and the way of life that you expect, particularly those parts provided by governments.

NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY?  However cynical and disengaged we may feel about politics from time to time, like it or not, the only solution to achieve the change you want is to engage with it. Take the time.

It covers:

  1. Challenges for Australia’s tax system
  2. Australia’s tax system
  3. Individuals
  4. Savings
  5. General business
  6. Small business
  7. Not-for-profit sector
  8. GST and state taxes
  9. Indirect taxes
  10. Complexity and administration
  11. Tax system governance


Submissions on the discussion paper are 1 June 2015.

See Re:Think: Better tax, better Australia


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